This is a special photography tour to Sedlec Ossuary (aka Church of bones) in Kutna Hora. It will be one of the most unusual churches you have ever visited. The Sedlec Ossuary offers unique collection of more than 40 000 different bones and skeletons.

It’s an ideal half-day trip from Prague. We start at about 8-9 am and return to Prague at about 2 pm.

The focus will be on composition, shooting in low-light and getting compelling shots in new unknown locations.

Upcoming dates: upon request
Price: 7950 CZK / 310 EUR / 360 USD

Recommended gear

It’s forbidden to use flash and tripod in the church. It means that we will have to use high ISO speed (1600, 3200) and fast lenses in order to get sharp images. DSLR, mirrorless or high-end point and shoot cameras are recommended thanks to their ability to shoot in low-light conditions without producing too much noise.

  • DSLR, mirrorless or high-end compact camera
  • wide-angle lens (telephoto and mid-range prime like 50 mm come in handy, too)
  • empty memory card
  • charged battery
  • cleaning kit

Book now

E-mail us at hello [at] johnnyspraguetours [dot] com.

Frequently asked questions

Is hotel pick-up included? Where do we meet?

If there is no one else attending the tour, I can provide you with a hotel pick-up given that your hotel is conveniently located in the city center. Otherwise we meet in front of the entrance to the Main train station (Hlavní nádraží) from the park (not from the highway). Its GPS coordinates are 50.084089, 14.434150, see the map.

How much is the deposit?

There is no deposit needed. I expect it’s a common courtesy to let me know when you cannot make the tour a few days beforehand.

What if my loved one wants to go, but is not a photographer?

Take her or him with us! As long as he’s patient and doesn’t mind spending two hours in a church with us watching us shooting. There is an additional charge of 20 EUR for each additional non-photographer joining us.