Experience Prague with a local photographer

Our guide and photographer will pick you up at your accommodation (or meet you at a well-known place) and take you to the most interesting places to take beautiful pictures from Prague. Don’t waste your valuable time looking for good spots to shoot, just unleash creativity and our guide will take care of the rest.

The photo tour takes around 3.5 hours. Usually it takes place in the early morning or the late afternoon when the light is soft.

Check our MeetUp group for upcoming donation-based photowalks! We organize one every month.

Why you should join Johnny’s Prague Photo Tours?

  • small private groups of 1-4 photographers and you will always be in a great company,
  • individual approach to tailor the tour to your specific needs, all our tours are unique,
  • get local perspective of Prague with a local photographer.
  • provide solutions to your specific photographic issues,
  • learn basics of social media for photographers to get more exposure,
  • train your photographic eye not to miss a shooting opportunity.
  • learn basics of composition, so your pictures gain more dynamics,
  • learn basics of exposure, so you know how to get the images you want,
  • learn foundations of travel photography, in order to bring home rich variety of shots.


We are sure that you will too

Took a last minute tour on our vacation to Prague last week. Johnny’s communicate was quick and helpful. The tour was fun and he new all the good spots to go to. I would definitely recommend!

Kerry Lebel, United States

I thoroughly enjoyed a dawn photo tour with Johnny. We saw a huge part of the old city when the streets were not crowded and the light was fantastic. I came home with the best souvenirs possible, dozens of great pictures of the beautiful city of Prague. Johnny is very knowledgable about his city and is very generous with his ideas for making great travel photos. From history to interesting anecdotes, to photo tips, you will learn so much. While it’s never easy to get up before the sun rises, I can guarantee that you will be happy that you did!

Susan Flickinger, United States

It was great being able to explore part of Prague with Johnny, both because he knew his way around the city and his way around a camera. My only wish is that we’d had more time to go off the beaten path and take pictures of some lesser known attractions.

Alex Polizu, Romania


When you have extra time in Prague


It will be one of the most unique churches you have ever seen. Its decoration consists of 40 000 human bones and skeletons which makes for a great shooting opportunity.

More day tours are coming soon…


It’s time to get creative


It’s reasonable

The price is 2800 CZK (105€ or 120 USD) per active photographer (hey, take your non-photographer friend for free). You can pay in CZK, EUR or USD. We accept cash only.

Do you want to have a private tour just for you with a hotel pick-up? No problem. It’s additional 1600 CZK (60€ or 70 USD).

The price excludes potential tickets for public transport and admission fees.

Save 10% off the package of both morning and evening tours.


Who’s Johnny?

I’m glad you’re asking 🙂 I’m a 26-year-old passionate landscape and travel photographer born and raised in Prague, who would love to:

  • show you the best angles to photograph beauties and hidden gems of Prague,
  • have a friendly conversation about photography and traveling,
  • make sure that you will bring home the best photos that will become the top-notch of your photo archive.

My greatest photography success has been an exhibition called Beauties of Iceland that was seen by thousands of people. I won university photography contest, got my pictures published in both printed and online media and I was placed 8th in Czech National Geographic contest.

I’m constantly learning new things and my current topic are long-exposures with a 10-stop ND filter, timelapse and videography.

I speak fluent English, ein bisschen Deutsch & un poco español. Although expect to be speaking mainly in English 😉

I am also a guide for photo-expeditions all around the world (for example in Thailand, Alaska, Iceland or Burma) for Zirhamia.

Photographer for Johnny's Prague Photo Tours Jan Miřacký

I really love traveling… Join me in pictures 😉

What I love shooting when I’m not in Prague…


Let’s get in touch

I can do the tour any day, just send me an inquiry and we will figure it out together. Feel free to describe what you are interested in and I will tailor the tour to fit your needs and expectations.

If it is urgent, please, contact me on the phone (…and yes, you can use Whatsapp, Viber or iMessages 🙂 ), otherwise you will hear from me within 24 hours.

Due to our high volume of bookings and daily job workload, our photo tours are not available until September 28. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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About Prague and photography. Learn & Inspire.

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All pictures are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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