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Award-winning and top-rated photography tour in Prague. Look no further.

Johnny’s Prague Photo Tours is a pioneer in photography tour services in Prague and the Czech Republic. With its more than 8-year-old tradition, no other photo tour can match it. Along the way, we have gained lots of experience in providing high-quality photo tours and creating unforgettable experiences for avid photographers of all levels.

On multiple occasions, we have been chosen to work with internationally acclaimed photographers to design and co-lead their multiple-day photography itineraries in Prague and other parts of the Czech Republic.

Our awards

  • THA’s winner of Tailor-Made Tour Company of the Year in the Czech Republic in 2024,
  • LUXLife’s winner of Best Photography Tour Operator in Prague in 2024,
  • Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards winner of Photography Tour Operator of the Year in 2023,
  • LUXLife’s winner of Best Photography Tour Services in Prague in 2023,
  • THA’s winner of Private Tour Company of the Year in the Czech Republic 2022,
  • THA’s winner of Tour Company of the Year in the Czech Republic 2020,

Why take our photo tours?

  • private or small-group tours of 1-3 photographers,
  • visit the best photo spots at the optimal time to leverage your time,
  • take stunning images using your smartphone or camera,
  • individual approach to tailor the tour to your needs,
  • a local perspective with a Prague-based professional photographer,
  • improve your composition, so your pictures gain more dynamics,
  • embrace exposure settings so you know how to get the images you want,
  • improve your post-processing skills and make your pictures pop,
  • receive additional tips on other photography locations you can visit later.

Prague photo tour details

Meet tour leader Jan

You will meet our professional photographer and guide, Jan, at an easy-to-find meeting spot in the city center or your hotel’s lobby and embark on an unforgettable photo workshop that will last 3 hours. Jan will make sure you’ll get great photos of Prague.

Impeccable timing

We understand how important light is for good photo opportunities, so we run our tours to take advantage of soft light, sunset, sunrise, and blue hour for night photography.

Great photo locations

Jan is Prague’s local, born and raised, which has allowed him to be discovering the city his entire life. He will take you through the cobbled lanes to the best photo spots in the city – both iconic places as well as spots off-the-beaten-path that you would not find otherwise.

Shoot under Jan’s guidance

While having an easy-going walk filled with laughs and informal conversation among Prague’s landmarks and shooting gorgeous cityscapes, Jan will be helping you with camera settings and give you many tips on composition to get great images. Not only will you see many beautiful photo locations, but you will get to learn new skills (e.g., long-exposures, using a telephoto to pick up architectural details) that will impact your photography in the long-run.

Choose between a private and small-group tour

We offer both private photo tours as well as small-group tours limited to only 3 photographers. That allows Jan to attend to each participant personally, give immediate feedback on your images, and share valuable advice to improve your shots.

Let’s design a multiple-day photo trip!

Suppose you have more days to spend and want to immerse yourself in photography fully. In that case, we can design a private multiple-day photography tour in the Czech Republic. Besides Prague, we can photograph Český Krumlov, Telč, South Moravia, or Karlovy Vary. Photo sessions specialized in one subject matter, such as panoramic photography or time-lapse videos, may be requested and will be adjusted according to your wishes.


We are sure that you will, too

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It’s reasonable

One photographer: 4300 CZK (~170 EUR) for a 3-hour photo tour.

  • The tour price includes transportation during the tour if necessary.
  • No deposit is required for evening tours.
  • We accept all major debit and credit cards.
  • One photographer can bring up to two non-photography family members or friends for free.

Two or more photographers?

Take advantage of the offer that every additional photographer only pays 2000 CZK (~80 EUR) extra on top of the base cost for one photographer. This only applies to photographers in a single booking (not a single tour) to make it more affordable for couples or families.

Do you prefer to keep it private?

If you’re after an ultimate 1-on-1 experience, a small supplement fee of 2000 CZK (~80 EUR) per tour applies. One extra photographer can join the private tour for free as a bonus.


Join Jan on a 10-day ultimate travel photography tour

Embark on a 10-day photography tour through the Czech Republic, featuring visits to five UNESCO Heritage sites.

Capture the historic allure of Prague, the gothic grandeur of St. Vitus Cathedral, and the charming streets of Český Krumlov. Witness breathtaking sunrises and explore vineyard-laden hills in South Moravia.

This journey promises a blend of architectural wonders and picturesque landscapes, creating an unforgettable photographic adventure.

Czech Republic Photo Tour


Your photography tour leader

My name is Jan Miřacký, and Johnny is my nickname – sorry for the confusion 🙂 I am a professional landscape and travel photographerborn and raised in Prague. I’ve been guiding photo tours for 8 years, and I will be your photography tutor among Prague’s famous sights.

My tour participants particularly value my tours for my – their words, not mine – easy-going and engaging personalitywillingness to share my knowledge, and helpful photography guidance I provide.

I am a big believer in long-term education. Getting from good to great takes time (about 10,000 hours, to be precise). I strive to achieve that the learning bits go well beyond our tour and blend with participants’ skill sets to improve their photography in the long run, little by little but continuously.

I supply my travel photographic work to the world’s most respected agencies in the industry. I’ve been published in the best-selling newspapers and travel magazines in the Czech Republic. However, I’m especially proud to have my photo published on National Geographic Traveller UK’s cover. I have also exhibited my work on multiple occasions in Prague as well as internationally.

With Johnny’s Prague Photo Tours, I have won several awards, and my continuous hard work recognized by my clients has resulted in two TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence.

I don’t have a formal photographic education. I am an IT engineer by profession, but my passion for photography took over before I could get a job in IT. I can’t say that I regret that since I do what I love and have more time to spend with my family.

When I’m not in Prague, I most likely lead an adventure/photo expedition abroad with Zirhamia, a travel agency I co-founded for Czech and Slovak travelers in 2013. Besides these, I also run various international photography tours and workshops with Shuttermoon.

If you want to get to know me before the tour, feel free to swing by my personal Instagram or Facebook, and hit Follow.


Let’s get in touch

I conduct my tours every day year-round, including national holidays (except for Christmas). My schedule can get pretty tight with my international trips, so I advise you to contact me ahead of your trip to Prague. However, last-minute bookings can be accommodated as well as long as my schedule allows it.

In urgent matters such as last-minute bookings, please, message me on WhatsApp or iMessage or call me at +420737382203, and I’ll provide you with tour details.

Full name:
Jan Miřacký

Phone number:
+420 737 382 203


Prague, Czech Republic

Business registration no.:

Business address:
Korunní 2569/108, 10100 Praha 10


Learn more about the photo tour details

I highly recommend the evening tour because Prague looks absolutely great at night. The evening tour is not as weather-dependent as the morning tour. The morning tour also starts very early most of the year, so we catch good light and sunrise. This means we start at about 5-6 am. The starting time of evening tours is much better. If you only have time to take one tour, take the evening one.

The active photographer is someone who carefully listens to my instructions, asks photography-related questions, gets my feedback on their shots, and, in general, actively participates in the tour. I focus on him or her.

A non-photographer typically tags along and doesn’t show their interest in photography but rather keeps their spouse or friend company on the photo tour. They can take snapshots as we walk; that’s fine.

To catch a good light, I’m starting the morning tours so we catch the morning blue hour. The evening tours start, so we finish shooting about 15 minutes past the end of the evening blue hour. As sunrise and sunset times vary over the year, I put together estimated starting times (+/- 15 minutes) for different months. Please note that time changes between regular and summer, saving time in March and October, so in these months, it depends on the exact day when you are taking the tour.

MonthMorning tourEvening tour
January7:00 – 10:0014:30 – 17:30
February7:00 – 10:0015:00 – 18:00
March6:30 – 9:0016:00 – 19:00
April6:00 – 9:0017:30 – 20:30
May5:00 – 8:0018:30 – 21:30
June5:00 – 8:0018:30 – 21:30
July5:00 – 8:0019:00 – 22:00
August5:00 – 8:0018:30 – 21:30
September5:30 – 8:3017:00 – 20:00
October6:30 – 9:3016:00 – 19:00
November6:30 – 9:3015:00 – 18:00
December7:00 – 10:0014:30 – 17:30

Your one or two family members or friends can tag along free of charge.

You can pay by credit card or cash.

The meeting spots for small-group tours are described here. I can pick you up there if you opt for a private tour and your hotel is close to the meeting point.

Yes, I do. I can prepare a photography trip to some of the best photography spots in the Czech Republic, such as Český Krumlov or South Moravia. Contact me and describe what you want to photograph (cities, landscapes, specific places), how many days you have, etc., and I will tailor-make an enjoyable and productive photo trip.

If the forecast looks dreadful, with zero opportunities to take photos (typically prolonged rain), I will contact you and try rescheduling the tour for the following day. A short expected shower is not a reason for a change because, under certain conditions, you can take great shots right before or after a brief rain. Weather forecasts in the Czech Republic are often somewhat inaccurate, so don’t rely on them 100%.

You don’t pay anything in advance, but I still expect you to inform me as soon as possible if your plans change. I will try to contact you a couple of days before the tour to confirm everything. If I don’t hear back from you, I will consider the tour canceled.

On a small-group tour, the maximum number of photographers is 3. This participant-to-tutor ratio allows for an individual approach. Each photographer can bring 1-2 family members to tag along. You can always opt in for a private tour.

Yes, upon request, I provide online post-processing sessions showing you how I’d edit your images from our photo workshop in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.

I will gladly take a couple of photos of you as a memory of our tour. However, I don’t provide photo shoot sessions. I work with other photographers who specialize in these and deliver outstanding results. Reach out to me for a recommendation.

I generally recommend bringing a wide-angle lens (e.g., 16-35 mm), a mid-range zoom lens (e.g., 24-70 mm), and a telephoto lens (e.g., 70-200 mm). But you can take great images even without a camera with interchangeable lenses. I’ll teach you how to use your compact camera or a smartphone to the max so you take great photos of Prague.

The photo tour’s length is about 6,5 km (~4 miles) and connects multiple great locations. If you have difficulties walking, let me know beforehand, so I can create an enjoyable experience for you.

The evening tour ends when the blue hour ends. Usually, for the last 30 minutes of the tour, we can capture night photos.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. Anybody with an interest in photography who’s taking a trip to Prague should consider this photography tour. Mainly photographers who are willing to learn can elevate the quality of their future travel photos. Even if you consider yourself a “pretty good photographer”, you can still add new photography tricks to your quiver and have fun while exploring the best photography locations in Prague.


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