Evening tour

  • Location: At the entrance to the Powder Tower (or Powder Gate; in Czech, it’s Prašná brána). It’s only a 5-minute walk from the Old Town Square
  • GPS: 50.087256N, 14.427791E (view on Google Maps)
  • Check connection with Prague public transport (nearest metro and tram stop is Náměstí Republiky)
  • Note: If you take Uber, DO NOT put Mihulka Powder Tower as your destination, it’s in the Prague Castle area, put The Powder Tower in Old Town instead.

Morning photo tour

  • Location: Statue of Charles IV next to Old Town Bridge Tower at the eastern end of the Charles bridge
  • GPS: 50.08629146, 14.4138933 (view on Google Maps)
  • If you take Uber, put Old Town Bridge Tower.