These are our meeting points when we cannot pick you up at your hotel. We recommend using an offline map of any kind on your smartphone to ease your orientation in a new city.

Get offline maps for your phone or tablet work great offline (no data needed). You only download it from the store for free (iOS, Android), when you’re on WiFi, you download offline maps with thousands of points of interest and routing feature and then you can use it without the Internet anytime.

Evening tour

  • Location: At the entrance to the Powder Tower (or Powder Gate; in Czech, it’s Prašná brána). It’s only a 5-minute walk from the Old Town Square
  • GPS: 50.087256N, 14.427791E (view on Google Maps)
  • Check connection with Prague public transport (nearest metro and tram stop is Náměstí Republiky)
  • Note: If you take Uber, DO NOT put Mihulka Powder Tower as your destination, it’s in the Prague Castle area, put The Powder Tower in Old Town instead.

Morning photo tour