Santos D Avatar
Santos D
Boston, Massachusetts
5 star rating
Outstanding Photo Tour with Outstanding Photographer I took morning as well as evening photo tour with Jan. I was thrilled with the images I got as well as pro tips which Jan provided to me. I found Jan very experienced, very friendly and very easily approachable. Jan guided me to best spots to take pictures. What I liked most Jan took the time and explained me the history / story behind each place which connected the dots of soul, mind, and shutter. I highly recommend Jan's photo tour. Sure I will join him in future photos tours.
Raj Avatar
5 star rating
Knowledgable and enthusiastic photo guide. Jan and I spent about 3 hours walking around central Prague shooting classic Prague sights, architectural features and abstract compositions in the late afternoon and the blue hour. Jan's enthusiasm and energy are infectious. He is very knowledgable about the city and very generous with suggestions for places to shoot during the rest of my trip. I learned a few new photography trips.
Reinhard S Avatar
Reinhard S
5 star rating
An evening to remember Jan did an excellent job taking me to the best viewpoints around Prague for evening and night photos. I can highly recommend him.
Tom S Avatar
Tom S
5 star rating
Prague Photo Tour Jan's photo tour of Prague at dusk was wonderful, he knows the city well and took me and my partner to places I would not find on my own. For example, Jan took us to the Black Madonna Tower where the staircase is magnificent. He is a skilled photographer and was very helpful with camera settings and composition. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to take stunning photos of Prague.
Ranum E Avatar
Ranum E
5 star rating
Great tour with the best views and camera teaching 🙂 We had SUCH a great experince joining a beautiful and educational tour around the streets of Prague. Jan is genuinely a great guy who tought our media students a lot while handling them very nicely 🙂
한석 노 Avatar
한석 노
5 star rating
프라하에 방문한다면 한번쯤 꼭 경험해봤으면 하는 사진투어! I was not sure because there were no Korean reviews, but it was a very satisfying tour! I could visit places that were hard to find personally and learn shooting techniques for beginners!
Rochelle C Avatar
Rochelle C
5 star rating
Private Photography Tour of Prague with Jan! Jan is amazing and wonderful! My time in Prague and my Prague Photo Tour with Jan Miracky was definitely ten stars and surpassed all my expectations. We are both artists, myself on canvas with paint, and Jan as a photographer. We have a lot in common! I can't wait to paint the sky in some of these photos! I used my new iPhone which took incredible photos. Jan, and his love of travel and photography will add so much fun and dimension to your trips. Book his tours anywhere on the planet and you wont be disappointed! He is funny and relaxed and let's you wander and shoot a bit on your own to practice what he is teaching. No pressure for beginners. I hear he has some photo tours in Italy coming up! Thank you Jan. You are an incredible person.
Nomad238095 Avatar
5 star rating
Great photo tour! Great tour! Had a private tour With Jan around Prague. Super flexible and professional. He customizes the tour based on experience level and preferences, and never rushed me when I was shooting. Great balance giving informative suggestions without being overbearing. Highly recommend! -Kathleen
nutmegMelbourne Avatar
5 star rating
Do yourself a favour and book this wonderful photography tour in Prague! My son and husband came along with me on this tour as my "extras" just to follow along which was a great option to have. I was hesitant to do a photography tour but Jan was patient, kind and very knowledgeable. We went to some great spots which we had not been to and would not have found. Jan provided tips on camera settings and talked through composition. I learnt a lot but also came away feeling as though I am on a better path to getting what I want to out of photography. Jan was very helpful and easy to talk to. I really enjoyed this tour and now have some great pictures of our time in Prague. We all would not hesitate to recommend this tour to anyone and everyone visiting Prague. Thank you Jan! Tracey
Bob F Avatar
Bob F
5 star rating
Great Photo Experience in Prague... The evening with Johnny was a great learning experience in Photo technique, settings and outcome. Johnny was very helpful and patient in his instruction and I learned a lot from him in just 3 hours. I hope to take more of his Photo Tours in the future in Europe and in the United States...
Farid M Avatar
Farid M
5 star rating
Improve Your Photography While Taking Great Pics. At the last minute I decided to take a photography tour in Prague. I had never done anything like this before. Jan met me on time and started with a quick overview of what we were going to do for the next 3 plus hours. The experience covered landscape, abstract and nigh time shooting. I've been taking photos for over 45 years and still I got to learn a lot. So thank you Jan for a great experience!
John F Avatar
John F
5 star rating
Great Experience As professional photographers ourselves, we appreciate the guidance that a local photographer can provide when exploring a new city with limited time. Jan met my wife and I right on time, at the pre-arranged place, and proceeded to take us to multiple photo locations in Prague that we would most likely have never discovered for ourselves. Jan was highly personable and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with him. While we perhaps did not need very much in the way of technical help, Jan could certainly have provided it. Less experienced photographers should not be concerned that they may not benefit from such a tour; Jan is quick to assess your capabilities and will tailor his guidance accordingly. We thoroughly recommend Johnny's Prague Photography Tour for anyone wanting to get some great photos that most visitors to the city will never get.
AntiGravity Avatar
Las Vegas, Nevada
5 star rating
Great Photo Tour in Beautiful Prague We had a fantastic 3-hour walking photo tour of Prague with Jan. Prague is definitely one of the most photogenic and visually fantastic places in the world. Jan knows just the right places, angles and times of the day/evening to get just the right iconic shots. He also showed us some great tips/tricks for framing and camera settings on our DLSR and even the iphone. If you visit Prague, I would highly recommend this tour for photographers of all levels.
moto Avatar
5 star rating
Nice walk with camera Well-considered shooting spots, situational camera settings. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. Highly recommended for photographers visiting Prague. Thanks Jan!
V H Avatar
5 star rating
Great photography session I would give 10 stars if I could. The 3.5h session was the highlight of my trip to Prague. I am from Singapore and did some research on photographer guides before deciding on Johnny’s Prague Photo tours and very glad I did! Jan (aka Johnny) was amazing. He’s truly passionate about photography and gave me so many photography tips! One can read all these tips online but it’s different with an instructor bringing these to live. There are probably cheaper ones on the internet but this was truly worth every single cent for me! Thank you for an amazing experience Jan! Looking forward to your future tours!
Jami C Avatar
Jami C
5 star rating
Best tour I’ve ever taken! This is the most amazing tour I’ve ever been on! I highly recommend taking this tour early in the vacation because I learned my way around Prague and got some great pics right away to share with everyone back home. This really set the tone for my entire vacation because my guide Jan is a Prague local who answered a lot of my questions about the culture of the city as well. He also showed me just what my both my camera and my iPhone could do. I thought I already knew a lot about taking pictures so I was shocked at just how much I learned about photography and the country of Prague on this tour. Thank you again so much for making my trip even more magical!
riderr2000 Avatar
5 star rating
Great experience! Great experience. Trip was well planned, I had a great time - Jan was extremely helpful, I learned a lot!
Cornelia C Avatar
Cornelia C
5 star rating
A must do in Prague Jan’s tour was amazing and he gave me some great tips. I had booked with another person but I waited at the spot and he never turned up! He cancelled it with no notification. I looked up Jan’s tour and emailed him and he was able to fit me in the next evening. We had a lovely walk and talk through Pragues greatest phot spots and I was able to get some amazing shots of Prague. He is pleasant and easy to talk to and will Taylor the tour to what you would like.Don’t hesitate book with Jan as you will not be disappointed with the results.
Annette R Avatar
Annette R
5 star rating
Awesome photo tour Last Tuesday I made an evening photo tour with Jan through the centre of Prague. Before the tour we changed some very friendly emails and he made suggestions concerning lenses, tripod and other things. He also proposed which tour would be best etc. My several questions always answered promptly and very friendly. And also my suggestion to change the day of the tour he accepted directly. At that evening we met punctually at the meeting point and directly went to the first spot. He explained everything in a very friendly and understandable way so that I could follow although I’m a beginner. But his explanations were very good so that I managed to get really nice photos. Sometimes he showed possible photos, sometimes he also told me to take pictures without detailed information and afterwards he gave a very helpful feedback. So it was a wonderful mixture. On the way from one spot to the next it was always time to chat a bit – about Prague, photography and other topics which I also enjoyed a lot. So you’ll get more than only a photo course! At the end I can say that the tour was really the highlight of my stay in Prague. The information on his website helped me afterwards to find other great spots and take there great photos as well. And I can recommend everybody who is interested to see the best spots in Prague and who likes taking photos to book a tour with Jan. It was really a great evening which I don’t want to miss. So until my next tour – I say thanks a lot for that tour!
PeterHill Avatar
5 star rating
Amazing Photographic Experience One of the best parts of my trip to Prague. Jan is very personable and extremely knowledgeable regarding Prague and photography. He provided great insights into the best places to take pictures, and was always helpful in making recommendations on appropriate camera settings and positioning. It was an informative and delightful evening exploring great photographic spots in Prague!
Grete S R Avatar
Grete S R
5 star rating
Great days out - Jan will give you the best phototour in Prague This is a way overdue review since we went to Prague in October 2021. I found Johnny's Prague Photography Tour and Jan Miracky here on TA and I am really glad that I did!Being an amatour/hobby photographer this was my third phototour hoping to improve my photography skills.From the moment I got in contact with Jan I knew that I had found the right man and tour.. and after talking pr. mail I desided to do 2 tours, afternoon/night in Prague and a half-day tour til Karlstejn castle. We met up with Jan downtown in the afternoon and from then we had 3 1/2 - 4 hours together on what became a great afternoon/night out for us.Jan showed us some of his favorite places to shoot great photos - I would never have found some of these places without Jan.The next day Jan picked me up in his car and we drove to Karlstejn where we spent a half day around the castle. Jan was a great teacher - sharing his tips with me. Giving me tips on other great photospots. He is very patient (answered all my questions) and gave me time to try and fail. As a bonus - he is a really nice guy to spend time with.Looking back to my tour in Prague and to Karlstejn castle and at my photos - going on the phototour with Jan was dollars well spent! Some of my pictures turned out great and I am now much more confidence in my photo skills.Thank you for a great tour Jan and for making me a better photographer.Highly recommended - you will not regret it!
Richard S Avatar
Richard S
5 star rating
Amazing Evening I had a great time on my photo tour with Jan. He was professional, friendly and very helpful in improving my camera skills. I took some creative photos at indoor and outdoor locations as well as the traditional nighttime locations. Jan also pointed out other locations that I could go shoot during my stay in Prague. Prague is Jan's home and he knows so many places at which to take amazing photos. I highly recommend Jan as your photo tour guide. Thanks again, Jan.
Robonholiday5 Avatar
5 star rating
Amazing Photo Tour I cannot recommend this photo tour highly enough. The tour exceeded my expectations by miles. From when I made the booking Jan took an interest in the photos and scenes that were important to me, and then he crafted the most amazing tour around those. We hit all the highlights and the spots I wanted, as well as making time to try new styles of photography that were a lot of fun.I feel not only did I get taken to the best photo spots in the city but I also improved as a photographer. Jan not only shows you the spots for photos he gives you the tools to take great photos whether you go. If you have any interest in photography book this tour! You will have a great time you will learn more than you ever could watching videos online.
Chris Blazak Avatar
Chris Blazak
5 star rating
Very highly recommended Wonderful experience! Jan knows some great, out of the way, spots for iconic photos of Prague and is an excellent professional photographer. He provided a wealth of tips on shot-making and camera settings. More than that though, he is excellent company.
Drazen P Avatar
Drazen P
5 star rating
Awesome tour! Highly recommended and well worth it. This was really an awesome tour and exceeded my already high expectations.In addition to visiting amazing and somewhat hidden spots to photograph the sights of Prague at just the right timing for great shots, we also covered shooting of interiors and made some forays into abstract photography.Jan is a great tutor and a joy to be around. You'll come out of this tour with lots of new insights and plenty of nice photos to show for it right away. Plus Jan provides you with a long list of further spots that are worth visiting and photographing (from) during your stay.For anyone on the fence about the cost: consider that this tour will probably improve your photography more than investing 10x that amount into a new piece of gear. It did for me. And all while having great fun. Absolutely worth it.
Hippopaulamus Avatar
5 star rating
Fantastic evening tour Had an amazing time on Jan's evening photography tour. It's not just a run of the mill photography tour where the guide brings you to the IG spots and call it a day. Jan brought me to various locations where I would never have thought of going before, and I was able to learn some new skills along the way. In addition, Jan provided other locations that I could visit on my own, definitely worthwhile.
Benny N Avatar
Benny N
5 star rating
Photography Tour I had the pleasure on going on a fantastic photography tour with Yan Miracky.He was very nice as well as proffesional and gave great pointers and tips about how to improve my photography skills. I had a great time, learned alot along the way and ended up with some amazing shots.
Cheryl T Avatar
Cheryl T
5 star rating
A Must-Do if you're serious about Photography! I only had a couple of nights in Prague on a "family" trip and needed to make the most of my limited photography time and hired Jan for a private tour for an evening. What a great decision! We didn't waste any time anywhere, and shot a lot of great locations that I would not have found myself during such a short stay in Prague. I've been shooting for many years and consider myself a pretty advanced photographer, and still learn something new every time I go out and shoot; and Jan elevated my photography even more with new pointers and information in a very short amount of time. He is very engaging, personable, professional, and knows his city and photography very well, and how to adjust the tour for uncontrollable variables like crowds and weather. I highly recommend him for anyone interested in getting some great shots of Prague. If I were on just a photography tour of Prague, as opposed to a family tour, I'd hire Jan for the duration of my trip.
Hilton G Avatar
Hilton G
5 star rating
Highly recommend this amazing photography tour Jan was an awesome tour guide and took me to the best spots in Prague to take photos. He was extremely helpful and gave great tips on taking great photos. I would definitely recommend taking his tour.
esnjays2 Avatar
5 star rating
Well Worth Doing If You Want A Great Photography Tour Johnny's Prague Photography Tour was well worth doing. We are serious amateur to semi-professional photographers. We look for photographic tours of places we visit. We opted for the Jan's evening tour to take advantage of the soft light of sunset. Jan was an excellent tour guide. He understood what we were looking for and provided it in 3 wonderful hours. He knew where to take us to get unique photos in a city that is photographed a lot. Jan in not only knowledgeable, but personable, and fun to be with. He provide excellent tips that improved our shots. We would do another (next time a sunrise) tour with Jan. If you want to have pictures that convey the real beauty of Prague, take a tour with Jan. You will amaze your friends and relatives with what you show them!
Ina Avatar
5 star rating
great evening with Jan I took the eveningtour and it was just great.Jan is an enthousiastic photographer , has a lot of knowledge. Jan told me a lot about settings, composition....On his advice i brought a telelens and a wide angle. we used both of them. Also I rented a tripod from him which gave me other opportunities to shoot. It was an nice evening, lots of beautiful pictures, a nice talk....I can highly recommand Jan for your phototour.
GACgirl Avatar
5 star rating
Great tour in a great city! Jan was a terrific guide, offering really helpful photo tips from great locations, some off the beaten (tourist) path. I would definitely do this tour again, when I return to Prague!
Diego M Avatar
Diego M
5 star rating
Private tour I always wanted to do a photography tour, but did not know what to expect... I decided to do it in Prague with Johnny an had an amazing time... Beyond taking me too great places to shoot, Johnny took the the time to explain photography concepts and showed examples. Highly recommended him.
Vincent_HK Avatar
5 star rating
Great time in Prague I was so glad to have Jan for a private photo tour in Prague on 5 July evening. I had a wonderful time with Jan not only he knew his way around the city, but also he had a wide spectrum of knowledge in photography which I could learn a lot.I did not have time to do one more photo tour with Jan and this was the only thing which I found regret. I have not doubt to recommend Jan to anyone who plans to visit Prague or the whole Czech republic.
Markus S Avatar
Markus S
5 star rating
Awesome Fabulous Photo tour in Prague. Jan knew exactly where to take me for the best shots and also provided some excellent tips and tutorials on photography. Great person to hang out with and great conversationalist. Highly recommend his tour
Rlblaha Avatar
5 star rating
Outstanding photographer and educator! My friend Karen and I did a private night tour of Prague with Jan. We decided to do this last minute and we were impressed with his response time. We both are amateurs at photography and Jan took the time to really explain and critique our photos in a very constructive way. Not only did we take amazing photos, but Jan is very personable and patient! You will not be disappointed when you book a tour with Jan. It was very enjoyable and I have come away a better photographer. Very inspirational and I can’t wait to take more photographs to apply my new found knowledge.
Leslie L Avatar
Leslie L
5 star rating
Highlight of My Time in Prague I wasn't sure at first about whether to take a photography tour, but after writing to Jan to learn more about what I could expect, I was so impressed by his gracious, clear, and thorough communication (not to mention his own very fine photography) that I went ahead and signed up. I'm so glad I did, as it was definitely the highlight of my time in Prague! I immediately felt comfortable with Jan as he was so personable, patient, and understanding of my needs. By e-mail before the tour, he invited me to share some thoughts about what I wanted to achieve as well as a few photos that would demonstrate my taste in subject matter, etc. He clearly took those into consideration in planning our 3.5 hours together and thus made the very most of our time together. He gave me lots of useful tips about composition, exposure, and other technical aspects of photography in a way that was not only understandable, but also inspirational. With some practice, I think I will now be able to move to the next skill level. After the tour, he took the extra step of sharing a few resources with me that will continue to guide me into the future. Most especially, I really enjoyed meeting Jan... we had a lot of fun! Thanks, Jan. You're the best.
Alex Avatar
5 star rating
Talent and Charm Did a night photography tour with Johnny. He’s a very talented photographer who gives great advice in the technical as well as the creative aspects of photography. He is also a lot of fun to talk to and made the tour highly enjoyable and educational. You can’t go wrong hiring Johnny. You will get great pictures and be inspired by his creativity.
Rich1810 Avatar
5 star rating
Great ideas and learnings I did a private evening tour with Jan and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am getting back to photography after a few years and he was very understanding and supportive of me taking everything slowly. Very kind and also encouraging. He gave some great suggestions/tips and his own pictures are something one can learn from as well. Absolutely recommended for those who are trying to make some great pictures in Prague. The only thing I was left wishing for was more time photowalking with Jan 🙂
miam34miam Avatar
5 star rating
un bon professionnel qui se met en quatre Prague est une ville superbe. Pour en garder un souvenir impérissable offrez vous (lui) un tour photo avec un photographe professionnel soit le matin de bonne heure, soit mieux au coucher du soleil et juste après.Je recommande vivement Ian
Chris G Avatar
Chris G
5 star rating
Best photo tour in Europe Jan rocks. Hire him, learn from won't regret it. If you don' only have yourself to blame for crappy photos from one of the most beautiful locations in the world.
Francisco Barros Avatar
Francisco Barros
5 star rating
Private Evening Photographic Tour I only started venturing on the photography exactly one year ago, but I consume lots of learning content on youtube and dedicated websites and blogs. I don't get to practise as much as I'd like due to University but when I do find the time, I push myself to improve and improve fast. Therefore many of the concepts I hoped to learn or could possibly learn with Jan were already previously studied or practised by me, so at first, I was somewhat afraid of paying such a large sum of money for a photo-tour, specially a private one. But in the end, I still think it was worth it.It's different to watch/read photography contents online and then applying them alone or applying them with the help of a joyful professional. With Jan help I was able to interiorize concepts and even learn unexpected things in a very short time window. What I liked most about the tour, was how Jan helped me to think critically about what I am trying to achieve, with special regards to positioning and composition of elements.If I could, I would have booked his services for Cesky Krumlov too or even for a full-day, without regrets, however, as a student, I did not have any more budget available. If you are into photography and you feel like you could improve, definetly book with him. I noticed he will try to incorporate your main objectives and goals for the class in his general public tour and if you are really specific about what you'd like to learn, I have a feeling he will be able to help you too! In my case, I wanted to learn how to better use my filter system and Jan made sure I used it in at least one of our stops!Furthermore, he speaks clear English and he is an easy person to talk with. No problems breaking the ice.
Jesal M Avatar
Jesal M
5 star rating
Loved it Had a lovely tour with Jan. He was a lovely guide and prague is a beautiful city. He brought us to interesting locations and shared tips on composition and settings. He was also very quick to reply my queries prior to the tour. it was a while since i last went out and took images, this tour helped bring back some joy in capturing scenes. : )
tirtha1997 Avatar
5 star rating
Wonderful experience: Visiting Prague in June and being a part of Johnny's tour both in Prague and outside I had found his reference on the internet and wrote to him in order to book up a trip. I was new to Czech Republic and was looking forward to some local guidance. I did three tours with Johnny during the same trip in June 2018. First, just myself with Johnny: we met early morning in Prague and then the two of us walked around in various parts of the city. It was our first introduction to each other. He was amazing. A great photographer but beyond that, clearly someone I could easily connect with. Then, we met again in the evening. This time with a few other photo enthusiasts. He took us around to various new photographic spots. Throughout this walking trip he was connecting with each individual and was paying great attention to everyone's needs. He was, kind, attentive, mentoring and knew all about the city. My "real Journey" began the next morning. He took me through a driving trip through his wonderful country. We were on this four day trip together, taking thousands of pictures, learning about each other and appreciating the beauty of the Czech countryside. Cesky Krumlov was stunning but Southern Moravia was the jewel in the crown as far as I was concerned. We stayed in Vrbice, a picturesque village. The tour of the centuries old wine cellar was from another world. Just like all good things, our trip also came to an end. But I had a life-changing experience and made a new friend.
Marnie72 Avatar
5 star rating
Best Photo tour! You need to do this tour with Jan! We booked this tour 8 months in advance, based on other reviews. We originally booked an evening tour, but for various reasons chose to book a morning tour as well. After we booked we received prompt and clear communication from Jan. He was thorough in his communication, establishing what we wished for and what equipment we had, used and would have with us. There were three of us in the group and we all had a wonderful time, and we were very impressed with all aspects of Jan and his skills. An entertaining and informative that I would recommend to anyone travelling with a camera to Prague!
Rob D Avatar
Rob D
5 star rating
Great Photo Tour I found out about Jan's photo tour on the internet and was really impressed with the quality of his shots. All correspondence with him was easy and informative. The photo tour was one of the best tours that I have been on. We quickly developed a good report which made the tour that much better. I not new to photography composition but am new to manual features on my camera. Jan really helped me with all aspects of my photography skills. I gained a lot more confidence in my abilities (especially working with manual settings). We had a very small group and he provided a lot of individual attention. My wife (who is not a photographer) also joined the tour and had a good time. Jan also took the time to check in with her to ensure that she was enjoying the time. A day after the tour he checked in and provided some additional helpful links to continue my photography education. I highly recommend spending some time with Jan in Prague.
Diego D Avatar
Diego D
5 star rating
Amazing tour !!! This tour is a must do in Prague. I really had a great time. Jan is very kind and professional. He is a great photographer and a wonderful guide. He gave me a lot of useful tips that helped me not only shooting amazing pictures of Prague, but also improved my general knowledge of photography. I really recommend this tour!!!
Milena K Avatar
Milena K
5 star rating
Great opportunity to improve photography skills I was very happy with the opportunity to learn from Jan tips and tricks of making my photography better. Jan is extremely knowledgeable in the field of photography and can easily tailor his abundant knowledge and experience in this field towards your specific needs. After taking the tour, I started seeing the things around me from a different perspective - like through the camera lens, “framing” my surroundings into beautiful images. I also learned how to become more professional in my photography, specifically, working with long exposure settings. I got experience of adding the movement into the photography process. Furthermore, I received valuable feedback regarding my previous photographs and learned the basics of image post-processing in the Lightroom software. Importantly, Jan is very dependable person. He communicates efficiently and responds promptly whenever it is necessary. This is especially important when you are coming a long way from overseas and have possible changes in plans due to the weather, etc. It was a great pleasure to work with Jan! I highly recommend the tours with him to all, who is interested in both solidifying their existing photography skills and/or taking their photography to a new level.
Chuck D Avatar
Chuck D
5 star rating
Best 3 hours in Prague What fun to see the sights at sunset and have a professional photographer help you capture the moment! We learned about camera features we didn't even know we had. Jan is a great teacher and more than helpful. Our photography took a great leap forward.Highly recommended.
basiap Avatar
5 star rating
Great early morning photo tour It was well worth getting up early to meet Jan for our private photo tour. My husband is a hobby photographer and Jan showed us the best spots. I was able to just tag along and thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Jan. He also offered a great restaurant suggestion, which is always nice to get from a local. Thanks Jan! I hope that we can join in one of your other tours some day!
nsfshop Avatar
5 star rating
Excellent experience! Jan was a wonderful guide both for his knowledge of photography and the city! He is very personable and fun! His English is beyond fluent! We will stay in touch for future opportunities to join a travel tour!
cindik_s2323 Avatar
5 star rating
Great photo tour of Prague Had a great time on Jan's photo tour of Prague! I did the night tour and although the weather was not ideal I had a great time and most importantly I learned a lot. Jan is very patient and a great photographer. He showed me several tips to take my photos to the next level, and luckily I still had a few days left to be able to practice what I learned. I also elected to participate in his tutorial of Lightroom where he took my photos from the tour and showed me what he would do to develop them in Lightroom. It was really a great complement to the photo tour. I'd highly recommend this for those that are somewhat new to using Lightroom.
Nick P Avatar
Nick P
5 star rating
Prague photo tour Jan was awesome showed us all the top places to take photos and sunset and was able to explain and teach new photography things to me
Steve S Avatar
Steve S
5 star rating
Excellent tips This tour provided by Jan was a game changer for me as an amateur. He was extremely informative, covered any and all questions I had, took us to interesting locations and was very patient in explaining the various settings. He spent time reviewing our photos and giving very helpful advice. He also answered any follow up questions after the tour. Very enjoyable tour. I would recommend to anyone, amateur or professional.
A.J. R Avatar
A.J. R
5 star rating
Fantastic Prague Experience. One I will never forget. I recently did two personal photo tours with Jan (morning and evening) in Prague and had a fantastic enjoyable time. Jan offered many helpful tips and insight, but more importantly, he was genuine and personal. It was like I was out photographing with a great friend and not an instructor. He made my time and photography in Prague unforgettable and a cherished experience. I highly recommend Jan and I hope to shoot with him again. Best regards from Utah.
AfshinFrisco Avatar
5 star rating
Wonderful Photo Tour This photo tour is perfect for any photographer visiting Prague on a limited time. Jan knows the spots for you to capture your best photos of Prague. I took the morning and evening tours. Each session was about about 3 1/2 to 4 hrs; however, you won't feel rushed at all. Jan is very courteous, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and his command of English is great. I highly recommend him.
HallieCecile Avatar
5 star rating
This is the perfect way to see Prague! This is the perfect way to see Prague! The reward of seeing Charles Bridge nearly empty in the soft morning light was well worth the challenge for me to get up so early on vacation. This is the best way to see the city, before tourists are crowding the scenes. To top it off, Jan is the perfect guide. His love for Prague is palpable. I am a beginner with my DSLR and have mostly used it in automatic mode prior to this trip. I really wanted to learn to fully employ my camera’s abilities. The combination of Jan’s easygoing personality and attentive teaching made his tour enjoyable and informative. I was able to capture amazing scenes of Prague while enjoying engaging conversation all thanks to Jan. I have never had such a good time while learning. He clearly loves what he does. My experience and memories of Prague would not be the same without his tours. I highly recommend scheduling both morning and evening tours along with a post processing lesson. Your time will be well spent in learning about photography and Prague as well as visiting with someone who takes pride in his city and sharing his knowledge.Post Processing LessonI have taken pictures in the past which I liked but felt something was missing. After Jan’s post processing lesson, I feel that I have a solid grasp of how to effectively use the program. I have been able to take my photographs and unlock the potential that I knew was there.
Moiz C Avatar
Moiz C
5 star rating
Moiz Cukurel Izmir-Turkey Thank you very much Jan for your great guideness.It made things so much easier for the magnificent photographs. I enjoyed and was satisfied with our well done job. And also your photos are great! Dob’t hesitate to call me if you will visit Turkey. All the best👍🙏👋👋Moiz Cukurel
Ryan M Avatar
Ryan M
5 star rating
Excellent Photography Tour If you are interested in learning more about photography and walking away with a couple great shots of Prague, I would highly recommend doing a tour with Jan. I learned a great deal and had lot of fun spending time with him. You will not regret working this into your agenda.
Adrienne H Avatar
Adrienne H
5 star rating
Morning and evening photo tour. My husband bought me this tour (both morning and evening) as a Christmas present and it was a real highlight of our visit to Prague. I have been a serious hobbyist for a number of years and still learned a lot from Jan. My favourite was the abstract and telephoto shots of sculptures we did. And the beautiful lighting/rainbow that he ordered just for us 😉in the evening was spectacular. His enthusiasm was contagious. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over again and Johnny helped me think much more creatively.
gg100co Avatar
5 star rating
Evening Photo Tour Had the opportunity to have a photo tour with Johnny in Prague, excellent guide, knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend!
noonancsi Avatar
5 star rating
Great way to see Prague and improve photography at the same time Jan was professional yet easygoing and challenged me to think a lot more about how I compose a photo.I enjoyed both the evening and morning tours as well as a post-processing Lightroom session - all of which included a lot of tips and I have definitely come away from this experience with more confidence in my photography.Highly recommended to anyone who would like the opportunity to get the most of out of their visit to Prague, and learn from a passionate and very knowledgeable photographer.
travelnomad_Carrie Avatar
5 star rating
Amazing Evening Private Photography Tour with Jan! I recently was in Prague for 6 nights. The highlight of my trip was a personalized evening photography tour with Jan. He brought me to iconic locations and helped with my composition, focusing and exposure to get the perfect shots. Jan is very professional and also easy going and fun to hang out with. After meeting you, he knows how best to personalize the tour to your needs. You leave wanting more instruction from Jan. He also offers amazing tours in international locations, something I would be interested pursuing in the future. Thanks Jan!!
lgorges61 Avatar
5 star rating
A excellent photography tour that exceeded my expectations A very productive 3.5 hrs both morning & evening photography tour with Jan on Friday 18th May .My husband Dieter gave me the tour for my birthday present while we were on a European river cruise finishing in Prague he extended our Prague days to fit in a photography tour with Jan.I was lucky to be the only one on the tour due to a cancellation in the morning .At 6 pm Jan came to pick us up from the hotel & we did another 3.5 hrs .I felt I learnt so much more especially composition & histogram which I struggled with .During the day we went out & practiced what I had learnt in the morning & even the next day I practiced.I feel now I don't need to take so many photos of the same place to get a nice photo. Thank you Jan for all your help .If anyone is looking to improve there photography skills Jan is the man very patient & has a lot of knowledge on all aspects of photography.I am looking forward to starting to edit my photos now that I have just returned home once the jet lag wears off
Bupuffy Avatar
5 star rating
Fantastic Guide I joined this evening your. It happened that I am the only one in the tour, so it was kind of personalized tour. My wife accompanied us. Jan came to the hotel lobby a 6 pm and we started the tour by exploring different shooting sites in Prague. Normally those places were not actively mentioned in Guide books. He gave lots of tips and tricks on how to shoot better. He is a local, so we chatted about the culture and people. We enjoyed very much. We ended up ay 10pm. These four hours were absolutely worth spending!Do remember to bring your tripod.
Meander368090 Avatar
5 star rating
Tour fotográfico com Jan Foi uma experiência muito boa . Valeu muito a pena . Eu apenas acompanhei pois meu marido é o fotógrafo mas foi muito bom poder acompanhá-lo nos locais que foram fotografados . Jan é muito profissional, educado e atencioso. Ele programa o roteiro para não perder tempo .
Meander368090 Avatar
5 star rating
Grate Photography day in Prague. Foi sensacional. Jan é bastante profissional, atencioso e educado, programado.It was really awesome, Jan is very professional, polite, aware and we’ll planed Thank you Jan.
ARH1220 Avatar
5 star rating
Personalized photo tour of Prague Jan took the time to help me learn more about composition of my photos and think more about my shots. It was a great personalized 3.5 hour tour of Prague and I really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend it. Jan is a very easy going guy and I learned a lot!
sarahwouters Avatar
5 star rating
trip to south Moravia I had a solo photograph trip from 30 April to 1 May 2018 for 2 nights leaded by Jan Miracky. He know this region very well and shown me this beautiful region and amazing landscape. He booked me a nice pension for very good price. For those who love wine tasting. this is a place to be as well. I really recommend you guys to use his service when visiting this region. one day I hope to be back here again.
WorldHheritager Avatar
5 star rating
Extraordinary Prague with Jan Jan - thanks for showing me around. Biting cold could not deter us two intrepid souls as we hiked, climbed, laid low to capture that perfect shot in the most magical of cities. Jan is a great guy and I feel I have a friend now in Prague. Jan talked about the blue hour, taught me to be patient, how to use the shutter delay, composition in general, and just glimpses of Prague that are rare and hidden from the usual tour circuit. Be prepared to walk, so wear comfortable shoes ... Extraordinary!!
Jungwon L Avatar
Jungwon L
5 star rating
Evening to Remember I was taking an interest in photography but with zero knowledge. Taking advantage of being in Peague, my sister suggested taking a photo tour. I was nervous since I didn’t even know how to operate the camera or it’s functions. Jan was super patient, taking time to teach me the basics, making sure that I understood. Under his guidance, in that short couple of hours, I began to understand what made a picture interesting. He was professional, very knowledgeable at his art and his passion for photography was evident. It was the best few hours I had in Prague. I would recommend photo tour with Jan to anyone who has interests in photography.
thphotography Avatar
5 star rating
Great Tour! Amazing Tour! Jan is a super nice bloke and very knowledgable about photography and Prague. The tour was real good fun and even though the light was not great Jan adapted, and showed his true photography skills, by getting us some great images! I would highly recommend the tour and would do it again if we return to Prague!
PeteKArmySlowRdr Avatar
5 star rating
Awesome evening! We started about 5 PM (private tour) from the metro station and walked about shooting various sites in the center, up in the park, and down at the Dancing House. Jan was very patient as I fumbled about with reacquainting myself with live view. He also refreshed my memory about switching to manual focus after locking in setting with auto focus. Finally we tried to break my bad habit of thinking I am steadying the tripod by pushing down on its collar when shooting. No I am not a sand He explained nuances of composition and settings. We got some spectacular shots. Jan was very conversational and friendly and enthusiastic. He even made sure my spouse did not over pay for a beer at a pub we stopped in for one to go more toward the tour's beginning. I appreciated the patience as the pressure was on..there are so may things to consider when shooting and when being guided and on a time schedule so to say it was like I lost all memory and mostly let Jan coach me through most of it. Still, now I can take my time more when I am out by myself and remember and incorporate the lessons I learned. I am not so sure I will ever be proficient at making stellar compositions consistently though. In summary a great evening that I'd recommend.
Sean H Avatar
Sean H
5 star rating
Private Tour in Prague Amazing private photo tour with Jan. Great communication leading up to the trip and was able to accommodate any changes needed, weather, etc. Jan learns the type of photographer you are and incorporates that in the tour and teaches you the processes to go through, settings, equipment used, resources, etc. to get the best shot possible. I learned so many new things with him and enjoyed seeing his photography as well. Also used his Prague guide to get many of my shots from Prague. Highly recommend if your wanting to learn a great deal and get great photos from Prague.
Amber O Avatar
Amber O
5 star rating
Evening Tour in Prague Our photo tour was the highlight of our three days in Prague. I emailed Jan a few weeks prior to the trip, and he was very responsive and gave advice as to what I should bring. My husband and I ended up being the only ones on the tour due to a last minute cancelation. We went to several different locations and Jan encouraged me to take as long as I wanted to shoot. He gave great feedback as to composition and helped me better understand the different features of my camera.I would recommend this tour to any skill level. Jan is obviously very passionate about photography and has a wealth of knowledge. This was a great tour for the middle of our trip, as I used the techniques I learned in our next stop in Berlin. Jan, thank you so much for a great time!
Mei Wah Connie W Avatar
Mei Wah Connie W
5 star rating
Happy photography in Prague in 2018 Thanks Jan for a fantastic photo tour, I joined the evening & morning tour, it was real enjoyable even the weather was not good and was very cold. Jan is a super helpful person, professional and knowledgable. The evening tour started with an interesting stairs, he guided to composition the photo by leading lines, shots the cobblestone streets, quaint buildings in different eye.... Jan has a wonderful eye and rich imagination, he also very generous, my family of other 4 members are followed the evening tour are free of charge. I also learned how to use 15 stops ND filter, long exposures to create burred cloud, still water, the places he guided us are all good location, one of the place was able to see a beautiful panoramic view. The morning tour started at 6:15 am, there are few peoples around dawn, he arranged the good time to take pics for people free at Charles Bridge, he teaches to set the camera for cool pics with starburst effect, reflections and zoom burst effect. If you want to spend 1 or 2 days photography tour at Prague, Jan is your guide, he share a lot of his knowledge, his eye turns an ordinary photo into a real work of art. I highly recommended. It was a great memory !
clee130 Avatar
5 star rating
Great tour! I contacted Jan about doing one of his photo tours and Jan was very quick to respond. However, the day before the tour, he got sick and was unavailable to conduct the tour. However, he contacted his colleague Martin and arranged for Martin to show me around.Again, there was some great communication and we met the next day for the tour. It was drizzling but that didn't damper our spirits and Martin showed me tons of great locations to shoot some great photos of Prague. He even gave some tips and offered to let me use his camera to take photos if I so wanted.Martin was very knowledgeable about Prague and afterwards, emailed me more locations to take photos of if I were to ever go back to Prague, which I would like very much!Overall, it was an excellent experience and even though I did not do the tour with Jan, Martin was an outstanding guide.I would recommend this tour to everyone.
WorldHheritager Avatar
5 star rating
I need a Jan in every city I visit Thanks Jan for accommodating me so last minute. It was a wonderful trip through the back alleys of Prague - never too far from the tourist spots but would not have known it without Jan's guidance. He provided tips on framing, composition, and helped with tripod set up, use of ND filters and occasional help as I was fumbling with lenses. It was bitter cold and when I was ready to give up and dive into a coffee shop he kept us moving. Jan has an extremely pleasant personality and the conversation was easy and fluid. The most productive hour at the end of the tour was an crash yet focused course on Lightroom post processing - who knew of the capabilities being a Photoshop guy myself. We edited 10 photos together and Jan uploaded the catalog with all adjustments and presets. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to meet a great guy, learn the fundamentals of photography and wonderful conversation.
Brad G Avatar
Brad G
5 star rating
Great Photography Tour Jan guided me through Prague on a fantastic photo journey. Jan is a photographer who teaches as well as guides. I was very glad I took the tour and would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to learn more about taking photographs instead of taking snapshots.
Alan R Avatar
Alan R
5 star rating
Highly Recommended! I was lucky enough to join Jan for both a morning and evening tour during our recent stay in Prague. Jan is a great photo guide who not only provides advice on the technical aspects of photography and composition, but also provides the history and background stories to the sights we visited during the tours. Jan's communication before and follow up after the tour was excellent. A photo tour is a great way to explore a new destination and I highly recommend Johnny's Prague Photo Tours. I will definitely book another tour when I return to Prague, and like other reviewers, I am also looking at joining Jan on other tours outside Prague.
Tim M Avatar
Tim M
5 star rating
One of the best ways to see Prague! On our recent trip, my wife and I decided to book a photo tour early in our stay in each location, as it’s such a wonderful way to get a different view of a place (rather than the crowded typical tours that only show you shots you could just buy on a postcard). We can honestly say that Jan was the very best photo guide that we encountered in our whole trip. It’s obvious that he takes this work very seriously, and even before we met he was great at staying in contact, even familiarising himself with our work and the kinds of photography we each like to do. When the weather forecast turned sour for our scheduled time (it was the middle of winter after all), Jan was so flexible in moving to a different time. When we did actually meet up for the tour, Jan very quickly made a positive impression on us; he was attentive, friendly, and generous in sharing his experience as a photographer, and taking us to some wonderful vantage points to capture beautiful shots of the amazing city that is Prague. We were both so impressed with his manner, and we learnt heaps from his detailed and careful critique of our shots, and his advice and support in setting up shots. Mid-way through our walk, the weather decided not to cooperate, and as we took shelter in a nearby warm café to avoid the hail and lightning occurring outside, we had a wonderful opportunity to get to know Jan a little better, and to see some examples of his work. We would suggest you take the time to look him up: his work is truly excellent and reinforces the fact that you’re learning from the very best.We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jan’s photography tours to anyone visiting Prague; although we are both quite experienced photographers, it was clear to us that his calm, patient, and casual manner would be suitable for any experience level. We’re so impressed that we’re looking into his other photography tours in places further afield! Book it – you won’t regret it, and you’ll have some fantastic shots to bring home with you.
Bryan R Avatar
Bryan R
5 star rating
Great Instructor/Guide & Shoot Locations! My 1st trip to Prague. Johnny was extremely knowledgeable with both well known and less well known shoot locations. We were a group of five and Johnny spent significant time with each of us. Johnny timed the shoot locations so that the lighting was optimum for each. You could never accomplish the number of locations at the correct time of the day doing this by yourself from a tour guide book. I HIGHLY recommend Johnny's Prague Photo Tours to any photography enthusiast visiting Prague and wanting to bring home some winning shots!
Patrick M Avatar
Patrick M
5 star rating
Evening tour of Prague Jan, is a great photographer and guide, he know the city quite well. I was really looking forward to do the tour and It was even better that I hoped for. Also he is funny and knows a lot of things. I hope that I get the change to take one of his other photo tours in another country.
Mariam H Avatar
Mariam H
5 star rating
family photo session Our visit would not have been that memorable without the amazing photos taken by Jan who was very tolerant and understanding besides being super professional. We had a blast meeting Jan the human who took beautiful pictures even though the mission was super difficult with a toddler and an infant in a cold weather. I would recommend the experience to anyone who loves photography.
Tim S Avatar
Tim S
5 star rating
What a way to see Prague First off, Jan is a remarkable photographer and I was fortunate enough to get to hang with him for a few hours one evening around six weeks ago in between him netting around the world taking more stunning pictures.If you are going to Prague and want to get back home with an array of beautiful photos, look no further.I got to learn a few new tricks, we visited some stunning spots and we had a great time wandering around.I’m really grateful to have been able to do this tour and would absolutely do this again - in fact, I’m hoping to be able to do something like with Jan when he next visits somewhere closer to home like New Zealand or Myanmar. That’s how good this was.
Clementine C Avatar
Clementine C
5 star rating
Lovely experience! I am a total beginner of photography and was a bit worried. Jan is a wonderful teacher who is able to accommodate photographers of different levels. He is able to introduce you to the world of photography effortlessly and also full of fun. I learned the basic techniques to take photos manually and to do night views. Was also shown spots particularly suitable for photo taking in Prague. (I could not find them myself!)Took away a lot from the tour. Enjoyed Jan's personalities and interactions also. It was a very special experience for me. I would recommend it to anyone interested in photography!
nenenichols Avatar
5 star rating
A must for travelers! Highly recommended to everyone who wants to see the city from a different perspective and not from that of a regular tourist. It was both fun and educational. Jan was exceptionally patient to me especially because I am a newbie to the mirror less/dslr world. Check out his website and all the tours that he offers internationally. FYI- I initially signed up for just the evening tour but since it exceeded my expectations, I added the morning tour the following day. Definitely worth it.
sll5252017 Avatar
5 star rating
Amazing Tour Just returned from Prague where I had the pleasure of meeting Jan and taking his Morning and Evening photography tours. It far exceeded my expectations and I am a better photographer from this experience. His knowledge of the art of photography and expertise of the area made for a delightful time as we walked to the "best" spots to achieve our photos. I would highly recommend Jan's tours for anyone visiting Prague!
TravelsWithStephen Avatar
5 star rating
Great Time with Jan As a professional photographer from the United States, I always look for one-on-one photo tours when I travel internationally. Jan was a great find. His skill set is excellent, he has an eye for great composition, he knows his way around a camera, and I'm sure he can be helpful whatever your photographic level. I did both his morning and evening tours and was not disappointed. Great job! Thanks, Jan.
Yuki k Avatar
Yuki k
5 star rating
Morning Photography tour of Prague From the start to finish, all exceeded expectation with Jan; communication, photography knowledge, fun factor, and locations. Jan was very patient with me for I'm just starting to learn photography and he explained photography compositions, lighting, and manual funtions of the camera for the early morning photography. He was very informative and made things simple for me when we sat down for post-processing with Lightroom CC. Would love to do one of his photography trips around the world if I get a chance one day!
Kelly W Avatar
Kelly W
5 star rating
Fantastic Experience! I did the evening tour and it was fantastic. Johnny is a wonderful photographer and extremely knowledgeable about settings, composition, locations, and making things fun and creative. I absolutely recommend doing one of his tours. I shot around Prague in between business meetings for a few days on my own and the pictures were ok, but I came away with wonderful images from Johnny’s tour. Much better than if I had stayed on my own and just walked around. I also thought the cost was very reasonable and the timing was just right! Thank you again, Johnny. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour!
ernforet Avatar
5 star rating
Johnny's Prague Photo Tours Just returned from Prague where I did the morning and evening photo tour with Jan. One of the highlights of my trip! He is such a joy to be around and a wealth of information when it comes to photography. Without doubt, I would recommend Jan to anyone wanting to improve their photography skills and to see Prague through a photographer's eyes. Excellent tour! I would give him 10 stars if I could. Ernestine Foret
aliarshad79 Avatar
5 star rating
Must to do tour in Prague Jan is a great photographer, good guide and fun to be around. He took us to all the great spots in Prague. He also gave great tips on improving the photography. He even gave a quick lesson on Post processing. I really found his tips and suggestions useful and helped me with my pictures.I would highly recommend this tour with Jan if you are visiting Prague and want to take some great pictures of this beautiful city.
Derek S Avatar
Derek S
5 star rating
A great 1 to 1 lesson. I contacted Jan earlier in the year and we finalised the details only the day before as Jan had only just returned from a tour. I was the only one to have booked him for the Sunrise tour that day so I had a one-to-one lesson which resulted in me learning so much more about my own camera that I hadn't known before during the 3.5 hours. Despite a slightly damp and overcast start to the morning, I was still able to get some great shots with his expert tuition and we went on to get other shots in sites I wouldn't have otherwise visited or known about. He's not a tour guide but I still learnt a lot about Prague. Jan is very patient, professional and knowledgeable about photography and a really nice guy and I would highly recommend anyone to book a tour with him when visiting the city. I went on to use some of that day's techniques to vastly improve my pictures during my remaining time in Prague.
tdhat Avatar
5 star rating
Jan was a great guide Jan was great with location scouting and helping with camera settings. we found some great off the beaten path spots and ended up with some great shots. If your looking for history lesson from Jan, you should probably ask someone else, but photography hes is spot on!!
M K Avatar
5 star rating
Don't hesitate! A tour you won't forget. I did this tour early July (due to house move posting tardy review). It was fantastic. Johnny knows all the great photographic spots, is a wonderful teacher, has great patience and caters for all age groups. Our night tour group of 4 started at 6.00pm finished at 10.30pm. We all got some amazing shots and it was truly the highlight of my overseas trip. I hope one day to return (long way from Oz) and if and when would certainly do the tour again and this time try the early morning. Cannot recommend Johhny enough.
Strikefinder Avatar
5 star rating
Great Tour and Photography Training Had a very last minute trip to Prague that allowed me some time to venture out into the city, and I wanted to have somebody help me to make the best of the experience. With little notice, Johnny was able to accommodate my availability and provided me with a great overview of the best sights in the city, along with a great deal of professional advice on how to improve my photos (though I feel fairly comfortable at an amateur level with my D-SLR, Johnny gave a lot of practical advice on how to use the settings in various ways to maximize the potential of the camera), and was extremely patient and friendly during the entire experience. It was well worth it!I will say that this might not be the most appropriate tour if your interest is more historical than photographic (I was far more interested in finding better photos and photography techniques, but Johnny was upfront that our focus would not be on the history of the locations, but almost entirely on taking good photographs). I had never stepped foot in any of the areas we went to and Johnny did a good job of pointing out the names of significant landmarks and a basic description of the areas, but the tour was clearly meant for photographers, or at least those most interested in getting good pictures above all else. It was exactly what I was looking for.
laracm2017 Avatar
5 star rating
Great experience Jan is awesome! He was easy to communicate with prior to my trip, which made me feel at ease because I was traveling alone. He was efficient with his time and generous with his knowledge. I learned a lot about my camera and settings. He took us to some great spots at the perfect time. I wish it was a less cloudy night, but you get what you get. It was a great way to meet Old Town Prague and get some good shots from angles I would have missed. We met at 5:00 and ended at the Charles Bridge at 8:30. He is such a great person, it was a very enjoyable evening. I am so glad I took the time with Jan.
mlanept Avatar
5 star rating
This tour was one of the highlights of my travels! Photography is a hobby of mine and I love to take travel photos to capture the beauty and the memories. Jan did a great job of taking me to some places I had been but to see them differently. He then took me to some additional places. I used features of my camera that I have been ignoring - not longer! What was particularly fun was being able to apply some of the techniques on the rest of my travels. I highly recommend this tour! You wont regret it and you will bring back some fantastic photos! Oh, and Jan is a great guy who makes the tour a lot of fun.
hanaesk Avatar
5 star rating
Great photography tour, time well spent! This tour was a great way to see Prague with a different perspective, and learn about photography from basics to advanced techniques. As a beginner I was a bit nervous to begin with, but Jan was very patient and helpful, and I learned a lot about my camera and settings, what to look for when shooting, what to be careful of with every shot, etc. It was amazing to learn how to get an interesting shot of a common subject, one that (as Jan said) ‘doesn’t look exactly like the tens of shots that have been shot by other tourists in the last hour’.I booked the evening tour which went on from 5pm to around 8.30pm, but time flew by and I was was still longing for more when it finished. Luckily I had some hours I the next day to revisit some places for a better shot, and also apply what I’d learned. I highly recommend the tour!