Sunrise and sunset Prague

When is sunrise and sunset in Prague?

Planning your photo shoots to utilize the best light is a smart move. Given that the Czech Republic is situated near the 50th parallel north, times for sunrises and sunsets change a lot throughout the year, by 3 hours to be precise.

In this article, I provide all the necessary information a photographer needs to plan their trip to Prague concerning sunrise and sunset times.

If you travel with a family, it’s important to know the times of – especially – sunsets because they may collide with your family dinner plans but good planning can help you to avoid these unpleasant surprises.

For those who are trying to figure when to come to take pictures, I highly recommend reading my article about the best times to come to Prague with regards to weather and photography.

Overview of sunrise and sunset times in Prague

January7:55 AM4:29 PM
February7:13 AM5:21 PM
March6:16 AM6:07 PM
– before time changes5:50 AM6:26 PM
– after time changes6:47 AM7:28 PM
April6:09 AM7:57 PM
May5:16 AM8:43 PM
June4:52 AM9:14 PM
July5:10 AM9:06 PM
August5:52 AM8:20 PM
September6:39 AM7:15 PM
October7:25 AM6:10 PM
– before time changes7:49 AM5:42 PM
– after time changes6:51 AM4:40 PM
November7:16 AM4:17 PM
December7:55 AM4:00 PM

The times in the figure are determined based on the 15th day of the month. The times in this overview may differ from the real ones by a minute or two a year after year, hence they should only serve a basic informational value. For detailed planning of individual shoots, I recommend using apps like PhotoPills.

Does the Czech Republic use daylight saving time?

Yes, we use daylight saving time (DST) in the Czech Republic even though it may soon as the European Parliament strives to remove DST permanently.

Time changes twice a year; daylight saving time starts on the last weekend in March and ends on the last weekend in October. Changes happen between 2 – 3 am at night from Saturday to Sunday. Note that if Sunday happens to be already the first day of the following month, the change occurs on the previous weekend.


In spring, the time moves forward 1 hour. At 2:00 am, the time changes to 3:00 am.


In autumn, the time moves backward 1 hour. At 3:00 am, the time goes back to 2:00 am.

Time will change on these dates in the upcoming years:

  • 2024 – March 31 and October 27
  • 2025 – March 30 and October 26
  • 2026 – March 29 and October 25
  • 2027 – March 28 and October 31


Now you have a good idea about when you have to wake up to go shoot sunrise, when you can make dinner reservations and how much time you will be able to sleep between the shoots.

Don’t forget to check out my article on when to come to Prague for photography. You will find more useful insights to help you plan a perfect photo trip.

If you visit the Czech Republic in the summer, I recommend that you plan for naps during the day because sleeping four or five hours in not only unhealthy but it will drive your creativity and joy away, too.

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